Full Lifestyle, Nutrition and Physical Analysis

  • Includes two 1 hour appointments (Initial Consultation + Functional Evaluation)

  • Comprehensive analysis of current diet and lifestyle with emphasis on clients’ personal goals and biggest health concerns

  • Full physical evaluation tapping into the bodies’ genetic and geographical makeup to determine unique nutritional needs

  • Recommendations for dietary, lifestyle, fitness and supplementation protocols

  • Macronutrient Plan

  • Optional monitoring of daily food log via MyFitnessPal

  • Unlimited e-mail Q&A


Full Analysis for New Clients: $200*

Follow-ups with re-test and new recommendations: $100*

Follow-ups with New Conditions: $150*

Kitchen Cleanout

  • Includes one 2 hour in-home visit

  • Food 101: what to use, when, where and why

  • Analysis of current food items and brands, including label reading and identifying unknown ingredients

  • Recommendations for replacments and alternatives

  • Unlimited Q&A during session


One Cleaning: $200*

Wellness Bundle

  • Full Lifestyle, Nutriton and Physical Analysis (see details above)

  • 2 hour Kitchen Cleanout (See details above)

  • 2 hour Guided Shopping Trip to local food market

  • 2-4 hour in-home meal planning and preparation demonstration

  • Four 1 hour follow-ups in person or online within a 6 month period


Wellness Bundle: $1,200*

*Free in-home client visits within a 5-mile radius of Natick, MA. Outside areas can be scheduled with a travel fee please contact me for more information.