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Hi there, I'm Kathleen (and that's my sweet pup Ronin). I started Simply Nourished Life to help people uncover the root cause of pain and suffering and provide them with an individualized plan to nourish them back to optimal wellness.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my page! As it’s only a small glimpse into who I am, and why I am here, I encourage you to reach out to me through any of the contact links so we can connect on a personal level and discuss if I am the right person to start helping you today!




At Simply Nourished Life, we believe that the path to optimal wellness is through addressing and supporting the foundational systems of the body. We recognize each person as a bioindividual with his or her own unique needs. We focus on teaching the value of properly prepared, nutrient dense foods as a means of healing and supporting the functions of the body. Our mission is to enable you to tap into your bodies innate intelligence and help you learn to listen to what your body needs. Once your body is working in synergy, it will be able to heal itself and support the day-to-day workload you demand of it. Your journey to optimal health is at your fingertips, we hope to guide you to a place where you can live contently: nourished and thriving.  




Full Lifestyle, Nutrition and Physical Analysis

  • Includes two 1-2 hour appointments (Initial Consultation + Functional Evaluation)

  • Comprehensive analysis of current diet and lifestyle....

Kitchen Cleanout

  • Includes one 2 hour in home visit

  • Food 101: what to use when, where and why

  • Analysis of current food items and brands, including….

Wellness Bundle

  • Full Lifestyle, Nutrition and Physical Analysis

  • 2 hour Kitchen Cleanout

  • 2 hour Guided Shopping trip

  • 2-4 hour in-home meal planning….


Where to start?

I am happy to answer any and all questions regarding my services and your individual needs! Please don’t hesitate to reach out just to chat. I would love to guide you to attain your goals if you feel I would be a good match!


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